Tiny Tigers

Children ages 5-6 start at Eugene School of Karate as Tiny Tigers! Tiny Tigers get a head start in life by gaining a positive self-image and an “I can do it!” attitude. Students attend once per week. Our Tiny Tigers karate curriculum focuses on specific weekly skills, which include both physical and mental benefits.

To the children, these important drills seem like games so they can’t wait to get to class and have fun! But these “games” teach invaluable life skills such as respect, focus, and self-confidence. Students learn to become great listeners with awesome focus. They learn about teamwork and self-control. They also learn important safety skills such as: Fire safety, stranger danger, as well as memorizing important personal information such as phone number, address and the all important 911.

Children love the variety of listening games we use to develop skill while parents seem to appreciate the safety and life skills the most.