Caring For Your Karate Uniform

Sensei Albert with his gi in front of a washing machine

Your karate uniform is like a car. It requires appropriate care to function properly. To help your gi maintain maximum quality and longevity, follow these points:

  • Cold water is preferred. But if cold water is not possible, use the lowest temperature setting. Not only does this minimize shrinkage but also damage to the material. Turn your gi inside out (this will keep your patches, stitching, and color secure).
  • Use bleach sparingly. Using chlorine bleach on your uniform will get it clean and white. But bleach is a strong base, which means it will damage the material in the long run, eventually causing the stitching to come apart.
  • Promptly remove your gi from the machine and hang it to dry. Every moment your gi spends in the washing machine is another minute for it to get wrinkly. Make sure you also stretch the gi, and then slap it around like a crazy monkey. When your gi has finished drying, it is usually still a little wrinkly. When your gi is completely dry fold it neatly instead of ironing it.

And finally, never wash your belt!

Folding Your Uniform (Gi)

It is also important for each Karate member to take care of their Gi. In the video below, Sensei Katelyn demonstrates how to properly fold your Gi for storage after class.