The Eugene School of Karate exists to strengthen the character of our community by building a professional organization of committed members who train together for the progressive development of their skill and character in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Our passionate and highly trained instructors teach exciting and motivational classes that keep members coming back for more. We provide quality, top of the line curricula, instructors and equipment to ensure our members safety and health. Innovative curricula, instructional methods, and equipment create maximum learning and joy.

Through educational outreach via demonstrations, seminars, events, and print materials, we inform our community of the safe and healthy benefits of martial arts training

All of this doesn't have to come at an expense. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, making our school one of the best values in town.

Life Skills Oriented

The Eugene School of Karate is dedicated to focusing not only on the self-defense aspects of karate, but also on the benefits to one's character that comes with regular, disciplined practice of the martial arts.

As part of this, we spend time each month with what we call mat chats. These five-minute sessions during our classes are intentionally focused on the growth of these skills, mindfulness, and overall character development, beyond the growth that comes inherently with practicing karate.

What We've Accomplished

  • Trained thousands of students since 1992, who have improved their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • Positively impacted the lives of thousands of kids that have come through our program by teaching respect, self-discipline, and honor
  • Inspired countless students to be leaders among their peers and achieve personal goals
  • Developed and instilled life skills that children, as well as adults, can use the rest of their lives
  • Students have won numerous awards in competition locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Refereed at local, regional, national and international karate tournaments
  • Developed the largest homeschooling karate program in the Pacific Northwest
  • Known for karate and weapons training
  • Created lifelong relationships with students and consider them part of our dojo family