We love working with our members and developing their martial arts skills and character. It's a great satisfaction when we hear our members say...

WOW! I don't think there is enough space to share how pleased we are with Sensei Albert from Eugene School of Karate! He's been teaching our daughter for the past few months, and she loves it so much that she wanted a Karate Birthday Party! Not only are we so pleased with her class, but her birthday party today blew us away! Sensei and Katelyn were both so present and patient, and there were quite a few children. He captivated every child (and parent) and held such an awesome lesson. He also focused just the right amount of attention on the birthday girl! I have so many pictures to show her pure joy! So not only did they teach a lesson, but they helped set up and cleaned up AND did an awesome sword cutting for the cake. And really managed the whole party. I was able to relax and take pics and enjoy! I truly can NOT say enough great things about Eugene School of Karate and Sensei Albert. We appreciate your time and effort so much! Thank you for a wonderful birthday!!

― Tiffany B.

Eugene School of Karate has been the perfect Karate experience for my 7 year old son. He has never been interested in the typical American kids’ team sports like soccer, baseball, you know- the typical time wasters.

My son has totally gone crazy for everything Karate and I thank Sensei Albert for fostering his interest, as Sensei Albert also has a Master’s in Education and is very good with beginners and children.

As a martial arts fanatic myself I appreciate Karate as a discipline of consciousness, as providing a good movement background, self discipline and self defense.

― Bradley O.

Our first experience with Eugene School of Karate was at our daughter's 7th birthday. It was a fantastic party and all the kids had a wonderful time! After the party, we decided to enroll our daughter in regular classes and we could not be happier about our decision. Sensei Albert is incredibly patient and manages to make every class the perfect balance of fun and hard work. He tells the best stories that teach the students valuable life lessons and he draws out the best in each student. Our daughter has gained a tremendous amount of confidence and self-discipline. We look forward to many more years of classes at Eugene School of Karate. If you are interested in karate lessons for yourself of your child, I highly recommend Eugene School of Karate!

― Bart and Heidi D.

Eugene School of Karate has had an amazing impact on our son. Karate has helped his attention span and also made a significant impact on his self-confidence. It has developed self-control, compassion, commitment, long term positive relationships and the ability to be goal oriented: All foundation stones for him to be a successful mature adult.

― Diane C.

I highly recommend the Eugene School of Karate for anyone with children interested in learning karate. Sensei has great skill in working with children and has been stellar at meeting the needs of my child. My daughter is building confidence in her physical skills in addition to learning patience and how practice builds mastery. Classes are welcoming, fun and sprinkled with humor and life lessons, she always leaves feeling positive. We're so glad to have found Eugene School of Karate.

― Katie Hankins

Sensei Albert Roy is a great teacher. He is patient, kind, and provides interesting anecdotes and history lessons along the way. I recommend this dojo for sure.

― Olson Cannon

I attended the Eugene School of Karate for two years and achieved orange belt status in that time. I really enjoyed the classes and the instructors were very skilled, friendly and made everyone feel welcome. I left, reluctantly, due to the birth of my first child, and I look forward to returning to the school someday and hopefully getting my kids started in the Tiger Tots and Tiny Tigers youth programs! If you are interested in learning karate, you should try this school. Even as an adult beginner I felt respected, valued and welcome at every class.

― Elizabeth M

We enrolled our 3 year old in the Tiger Tots program with Sensei Roy and we were beyond impressed. Our preschooler benefited greatly from the classes and we noticed a difference almost immediately in her behavior at school and at home. She learned discipline, respect, patience, and responsibility. She had trouble listening at times, following directions and sitting still until she started her classes. Now she is like a different child and we are so proud of her. We know much of this is because of her karate classes and the lessons/skills she learned. Albert is extremely patient, kind, and wonderful with children. He knows just how to direct their energy and focus their attention and he makes it look effortless. He mixes it up with props, stories, lessons, scenarios and gives every child a chance to learn as a group as well as individually. My daughter looks forward to karate each week and truly enjoys every class. She has learned a lot and has started to set goals for herself. She was already a confident child but she has absolutely blossomed. I can’t say enough good things about ESK! We will be back again and again.

― Greg W.