Life Skills Education

Education Beyond Martial Arts

At Eugene School of Karate, we create well-rounded students. Week in and week out, we focus on the advancement of our students' physical well-being and karate skills. But beyond that, our classes are built around embedded life skills education as well as dedicated "mat chats", where we take a dedicated interest in our students' personal growth.

Advancement in the Eugene School of Karate is contingent on not just talent with fists, or a bow. Our students are also expected to be living out the life skills we teach them, through a positive home life, relationships with others, and success at school.

The tenants of our life skills program are very specific. Watch the videos below for more on each of these tenants.


The root word of compassion is passion. And passion means suffering. Not excitement or enthusiasm. Compassion means to suffer along with someone else. Not a feeling but an action.  Its embracing others as they go through their trials.


Discipline has received a bad reputation in our culture recently. Discipline is simply repetition. And discipline leads to freedom in all areas of life. Discipline doesn’t control your life, it allows you to take control of your life.


Black belt is a metaphor for excellence. It’s not just a goal but a journey. Karate teaches us to pursue excellence in all areas of life.


Successful people maintain a positive focus no matter the circumstances. They focus on past successes not failures. They focus on action steps to move them forward in life. Aligning our minds and our actions to stay consistently dedicated to our goals. Then the impossible becomes possible.


Grace and gratitude come from the same root word. They are two sides of the same coin. They form a cycle of giving and appreciation. Studies show an attitude of gratitude lead to a more successful life.


A process not a condition. Ego kills success while humility ignites success. Being willing to accept feedback from others without emotions getting in the way. It involves us learning to listen first and make critical assessments of ourselves.


Integrity means wholeness. Integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Honesty, morality and follow through are the three pillars of integrity.


Taking responsibility for the circumstances we find ourselves in. From cleaning our room, to completing homework, to finishing a task at work. Pursuing our mission unyieldingly until we achieve it.


Life can be difficult. So can karate class at times. But we must learn to cope with adversity in life. Success isn’t final and failure isn’t fatal.  What happens in between is persistence. Karate calls the indomitable spirit.


Self-respect is at the heart of respecting others. When we can identify and appreciate our own strengths and our vulnerabilities, it becomes easier to accept others and see their value.


Setting goals are the number one thing we can do, that determines success in life. Goal setting is integral to attaining black belt. For a goal to become a goal it must be written down, otherwise it is just a wish or a dream.