Belt Promotion

ESK Belt

Eugene School of Karate’s Belt Promotions are one of our most exciting events! Students train to improve their skills and advance in rank. They learn about setting and achieving worthy goals. Eugene School of Karate’s goal is to develop black belts who are emotionally, socially and physically strong. We require a standard of behavior at home with satisfactory grades at school before allowing students to test for promotion. Parents report that grade requirements for testing have motivated their children to achieve more at school.

Promotional Belt Exams

Promotion testing is scheduled four times per year in the months of September, December, March and June on a Thursday. Exam registration forms with more details are available before each test and through our ESK Facebook page. New belts, certificates, and an ice cream social are all included in the promotional fee. At various belt levels, additional equipment is required. See "Safety Gear".

Testing Eligibility

  1. Good home report (child must be behaving at home with respectful & positive attitude).
  2. Good school report (no failing grades, brown belt and above must have minimum GPA 3.0).
  3. New students must have completed one month of training to be eligible to test.
  4. Existing students must not have missed more than one month of training since their last exam to be eligible to test.

Graduation Week

Students will receive their exam results in a one-on-one conference the first class following their exam. Instructors will present belts at the beginning of their second class of graduation week. Parents are encouraged to join in this celebration of achievement. If your child misses a class during graduation week, they will receive their results during their next scheduled class.

Ice Cream Social

Immediately following the promotional exam we hold an ice cream social on site for students and families to celebrate their students' hard work and effort that term and build relationships with other students.